Wednesday, July 19, 2017

DIVA Challenge 325 - Pea-Nuckle

This is the 2nd week into the DIVA's guest challenger's posts. #325 is again Jessica Davis and she chose a single tangle: Pea-Nuckle or Peanuckle. You should have heard the moaning that erupted from East to West and North to South when tanglers visted the website Monday morning and found out. My ears still suffer from tinnitus. But Jessica seriously tries to convince us non-peanucklers, to jump right into the deep end and start loving it. Ha!

Then it happened to me. Yes! Indeed!

I am/was a non-believer. If you don't like a tangle why should I spend time with it when there are tons of other tangles on the net I fancy and haven't even acquainted myself with yet? But I did as I was told and suddenly the light went on and I found a new way to make Pea-Nuckle a dream to draw.

But first things first.

Here my tile I accomplished when I was still suffering from the Pea-Nuckle hate syndrome. I have a motto: If I can't draw it, fake it. No! I mean.. If I can't draw it, overdo it. With that I mean the irregularities. I made wonky 'S's. Then I first drew one side, then I turned the tile 180' and drew the other side. That explains why one side goes up and the other down. Also, Tipple in the middle: the blue ones are on one side of the S and the empty ones on the other.

DIVA Challenge #325 with Patterns: Pea-Nuckle, big Tipple, Fescu, leaves
Patterns: Pea-Nuckle, big Tipple, Fescu, leaves

The Pea-Nuckle Awakening

This is only a training tile because I was actually ready to upload the blue tile when an idea hit me. What if I start drawing touching ovals where I want the stripped nuckles? I quickly picked up a pen and started sketching. I was delighted! It worked and is sooooo easy! After I penciled the ovals I traced the round narrow edges, got my Ss, and the rest is HI.. STO.. RY!!!! Never has my Pea-Nuckle looked so beautiful!


Pea-Nuckle in a circle.

DIVA Challenge #325 with Pattern: Pea-Nuckle
Pattern: Pea-Nuckle

Oops! Above is upside-down.

Pattern: still the same

Ah! Now that is so much better!!!!

Update July 20th:
I thought I will place my steps on how I did the above yellow Pea-Nuckle tile just in case somebody is interested.

First the ovals. Make sure they overlap a bit

 Then the 'Ss'

 Now draw the pea lines. I didn't draw the nuckle lines as they can vary.

Finally the shading and the closing up of open pea bottoms. Now if that wasn't easy I don't know what easy is.

. Hmm...what am I going to do with this tile now?

Animal Happy Day

Do you oppose 'Running Of The Bulls' as much as I do? Well, this one you will love. Trust me.
...she says.

Click here.

I promise! You will smile - unless you suffer from cheek muscles stiffness.

Monday, July 17, 2017

FMT Challenge 174 - Asian Fans

Update July 17th: After Ria sent me an emergency email about not being able to recognize my string, I noticed that something went wrong with my image (on my side). Hence I thought I will place it on my website, hoping you guys will find the revised image helpful. Sorry about that.

When Joey over at MadebyJoey asked me whether I would like to do a challenge for her, I was just finishing one of my own personal challenges I have running in the background: the Refreshers published on Linda Farmer's website. It was one I did in May, #28, and I liked the Asian Fans tangle and I thought: Why Not? Why not an old pattern and easy to draw.

So here my refresher #28 tile with Asian Fans with a little twist...

Patterns: Tripoli, Asian Fans, Mumsy, Beadlines, Afterglo

...and its string.

Here with the swirls...

...and here without.

Have fun!

Friday, July 14, 2017

FMT Challenge 173 - Rope String

I finally made it, Michele. Here my two tiles for your guest challenger entry at Joey's website, Finish My Tile #173. Loved your rope string so I used the same string for both my tiles.

The string on the first tile is populated with several different tangles.

Finish My Tile (FMT) #173 with Patterns: Ving, Wud, Netti, Flux, Steps, Twisted Rope
Patterns: Ving, Wud, Netti (correction: Natti), Flux, Steps, Twisted Rope

...and my second one is a monotangle tile using Narwal. The string just asked for this tangle. I thought.

Finish My Tile (FMT) #173 with Pattern Narwal
Patterns: Narwal

A big thank you, Michele, for a great guest challenge!

Animal Happy Day

Puppies found on the road have the best dad ever

IAST Challenge 203 - Something Old & New

When I saw Trilad for the first time over at Linda Farmer's website a few days ago, I immediately thought of the golden rule in design (see below), which so much is based on in nature. So I knew exactly what I wanted to do with Trilad when Adele chose it for her IAST Challenge #203 for her 2-week "Wedding" theme. This week it is all about Something Old and Something New where the tangle SeZ represents the "OLD"part.

IAST Challenge # 203 with Patterns: Trilad, SeZ, Nzeppel, Florz, Shattuck, Fescu, Onamato
Patterns: Trilad, SeZ, Nzeppel, Florz, Shattuck, Fescu, Onamato

Here the outline for the above golden rule in design or sacred geometry.

Golden Rule in design or Sacred Geometry be continued next week.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

DIVA Challenge 324 - Tangled Heart

Over at the DIVA guest challengers are taking over for the summer. This first week it is Jessica Davis' turn and she goes all out on hearts. The samples she laid out are second to none...simply breathtaking!!!

Oh, well. Maybe I can talk faster than she can. Hihihi! :-1

I made two hearts - it needs two to tangle they say. The first heart I started with a big loop and covered it with a heavy band of Flowervine. Then I gave this loop a Quasimodo and voila, my heart was done.

DIVA Challenge #324 with tangle Patterns: Flowervine, Snookums, Fescue, Tipple, Jocund
Patterns: Flowervine, Snookums, Fescue, Tipple, Jocund

My second  is a normal heart string, normal everything, and all in normal red, dark, and ... it looks almost sinister. I loooove the tangle Wisket, but of course, it should not be in a heart!

Diva Challenge #324 with tangle Patterns: Wisket, Camelis, Organza
Patterns: Wisket, Camelia, Organza

Animal Happy Day

Can it get any cuter?

Saturday, July 08, 2017

IAST Challenge 202 - Bad Weather

This week it is IAST #202 (It's a String Thing) over at Adele's and with the tangles she chose, I ended up having a Bad Weather tile. Literally! Just look at the grey in grey hues and the low hanging clouds with funny lightning xlpotions; it could rain any second. The tangles were Pop-Cloud (actually not such a bad tangle!), Xplode (no comment), and CO2, which I turned into a friendlier tangle than its name proposes. Well, I had to have some bright, mood uplifting color in this carreau de la misère.

IAST Challenge #202 with Patterns: Pop-Cloud, Xplode, CO2
Patterns: Pop-Cloud, Xplode, CO2

Animal Happy Day
A dog lover in the Making

Friday, July 07, 2017

New tangle: 4-Corner Corolla

Some time ago while surfing the Internet I came across a quilting pattern I thought looked very nice and even more importantly, is so easy. So finally I had time to play around with it and publish the step-out and a few samples and variations. It's name: 4-Corner Corolla.

New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla downgraded to 3-Corner Corolla
Pattern: 4-Corner Corolla downgraded to 3-Corner Corolla

Step-out to 4-Corner Corolla.

Step-Out to New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla
Step-out to 4-Corner Corolla

4-Corner Corolla with Paradox. Paradox I drew with 1 side wide spaced strokes, the other 2 sides the strokes are very close to each other.

New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla with Paradox
Patterns: 4-Corner Corolla with Paradox

Two tiles with 4-Corner Corolla in wonky grids.

New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla in wonky grid with black background

New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla in wonky grid and 3 variations of the tangle
with 3 tangle  variations

4-Corner Corolla embedded in circles and 'circulated'.

New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla in circles and 'circulated'

4-Corner Corolla variations - and two 3-Corner Corolla tangles in triangles

New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla variations and two 3-Corner Corolla in triangles

4-Corner Corolla downgraded to 3-Corner Corolla. I divided a square into 4 squares, from the center I added a diagonal into each square to create 8 triangles. I drew two 3-Corner Corollas facing each other into each square - or one per triangle. Then I started to fill the tangle...

New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla - progressive step 1

New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla - progressive step 2

New zentangle pattern 4-Corner Corolla - progressive step 3

Note: With the thousands of tangles we have access to via the Internet, and daily new ones are created, we often cannot tell whether a tangle exists already. If 4-Corner Corolla already exists, please let me know and I will delete this post.

Animal Warning Day

Dogs left in hot cars
American visitors/viewers: watch to the end to see in which states it is now legal to crash a car window to safe a life.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

DIVA Challenge 323 - Home

"Home" is this week's DIVA challenge theme and it could mean anything from real home to country. I chose religion - and I am atheist. In Thailand Buddhism is major and I just so happen to love Buddha images and happen to have a few at home. So the "home" part of this week's theme was easy.

What was also a given is the fact that Buddha's hair is often depicted like Printemps. Now how about that! In Thailand we also have a lot of funny looking symbols and I found some that ended in Echoism. Don't ask me what they mean, but I do hope my tile does not offend anybody. I thought Mooka and Joki would be complimentary additions to the mix and Tipple would nicely fill a few empty spaces.

So - here my "Home" tile.

DIVA Challenge #323 - "HOME" - with Buddha image and Patterns: Printemps, Echoism, Joki, Mooka, Tipple and Thai Symbols
Patterns: Printemps, Echoism, Joki, Mooka, Tipple and Thai Symbols

Animal Happy Day

Who needs a maid when you have a furry companion like this one

FMT Challenge 172 - Auraknot

Joey, over at, is taking a deserved summer holiday and has subs organized to keep us avid tanglers working through her break. First up is Ilse from Zentangle Zoo. She made a star string in honor of Joey's gentle arm bending method to make us draw Zentangle tiles. The string is also the first line for her chosen tangle Auraknot. Although I am a fan of Aurak-NOT, I thought the idea was great. I dug my heels into Ilse's challenge and tried not to make a complete fool of myself and a grandioso mess on the tile.

Since we are still in celebration mode (last week it was the last letter of the alphabet theme) with the US and their July 4th festivities and Canada with their Canada Day...oops, that was also last of my tiles again looks like a little party is taking place - w/o the champagne.

The Molygon I picked from one of my Molygon coin collections I made during the Molygon Study by DIVA. I hadn't finished it in time to upload with the other Molygon tiles so it ended up on the Inspired by... May 2017 page.

Finish My Tile #172 with Patterns: Auraknot, Molygon, Fescu, Stars
Patterns: Auraknot, Molygon, Fescu, Stars

I couldn't resist...beads again.

Finish My Tile #172 with Patterns: Auraknot, Beads
Patterns: Auraknot, Beads

A big 'Thank You' to Ilse for a fun challenge!

Animal Happy Day

Now if my dog could do that....

Think before you adopt. Don't break a dog's heart.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

IAST Challenge 201

First tile into a new centennial over at the Tickled to TANGLE website. It is a String Thing (IAST) #201 gets us going applying the tangles Beebug, HekZee, and Leaflet. At first sight I didn't like Beebug, thought I would leave it off or ban it minimized into a corner, out of focus point. But then I saw it without the dot and I changed my mind. I do like Leaflet, but I think for it to really shine it needs several strings.

IAST Challenge #201 with tangle Patterns: Leaflet, HekZee, Beebugs
Patterns: Leaflet, HekZee, Beebugs

Animal Happy Day

I bet you have never come across a prouder and more trusting mom than this ferret. She is the cutest Ferret ever!!!

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